Microfilter Replacement


  • good phillips and t20 screwdrivers
  • common sense as I may have forgotten a screw or two in this faq

Please note that I shot these during REASSEMBLY so you may sometimes see a part I already told you to move/remove. Pictures are a GUIDE not the entire story. Thanks to the e34 website for the original inspiration and directions.

  1. Remove glovebox. Remove the straps from the glovebox (lift up the narrow side of the metal retaining clip, push it off) and undo the two latches under the glove box at the rear.
  2. Remove the carpeted trim panel by removing the single phillips head screw.
  3. Remove the black plastic cover by A) removing the black plastic clip that goes into the heater duct and a phillips at the top & B) pushing it backwards to disengage the retaining tabs .

  4. Remove the Black floor vent tube, there are two phillips behind the glovebox, one up top and maybe one other.

  5. Remove the grey plastic clip by squeezing the sides and sliding it out

  6. Clip or slide down the ziptie that holds the wiring harness that leads to the black box located aft of the microfilter to get enough slack to move that box aside without disconnecting the plugs.

  7. Slide out the black box and move it aside. There is no need to detach those three connectors. See indicated tab below.

    This is where you are at now...

    Now you can access the microfilter cover and remove the filter.... it's pale green, and has a large black knob at t e top and a t20 at the bottom, loosen the t20 (it won't come out completely), turn the knob and remove the cover.

    Now just pull your filter out (it's tight but it does clear), clean inside there with a vacuum, your hand and a cloth, both, whatever works best for you. Insert the new filter, and reverse the disassembly process.

    Pics of the old filter

    Congrats! your blower will now work like it should!

Article By Richard Massey